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Financial Fitness


Hello everyone, hope you are enjoying some Spring weather! I have still been on and off really sick, but on the days that I feel well I am actually able to do some things. I love getting outdoors and I’ve been able to do so a handful of times in the beautiful weather we are having in Oregon.

My hubby and I are trying to come to an even kill with our finances. We are currently living in the red each month. It makes it very easy to point fingers at each other for spending rather than fixing the issue. I know we both spend unnecessary money and I am more guilty of this than he is. I have been reading different posts on Pinterest about saving money, budgeting, snowballing debt, and making money from home.

I happened to stumble across this article on Annie and Everything blog called Tips for Surviving a No Spend Month and Frugal Fridays # 13. http://www.annieandeverything.com/tipsforsurvivinganospendmonthandfrugalfridays#13

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