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Weight Loss & Health Update


Hello y’all! I hope everyone is having a great weekend! I’m feeling pretty good today but was sick yesterday morning and the day before. Something in my autoimmune disease is making me down and out sick to my stomach, cold sweats and being down in bed for anywhere from 24-36 hours at a time. When I first started getting sick it was every 3-4 weeks and now it’s almost every week.

I had an appointment with my doctor on Thursday and she ordered a bunch of labs and another set of MRI’s of my back and hips to see if it is another punched nerve issue that is irritating things or if it’s something else.

I also have Hashimoto’s Disease, which is an autoimmune disease that attacks your thyroid and para thyroid. Once you have Hashimoto’s Disease you have it for life and it also usually brings out other autoimmune diseases with it, just as I have multiple. For many people it is difficult to understand how I could feel so bad from a thyroid disease. I’ve had both my thyroid and parathyroid removed because they were so enlarged and diseaesed that I was having trouble swallowing my food and even drinks. I have a large number of combinations that play into my health situation so it is not just Hashimoto’s that effects me. This is a great example of many different ways it can effect me and there are still many more not shown here. This letter on Thyroid Sexy FB page is a letter as it would be written from the disease itself to the patient.

I have been struggling with my weight for some time now. Around the time I met my husband I was 217 lbs. So I wrote this post a month ago and have since had my MRI’s done and my labs. I’ve had very little changes since my last set of MRI’s which is good but that also means that my pain is caused from arthritis and there isn’t any thing they can really do more than they are now. I did test positive for c-diff again. To make a long story short I have been living with this for an entire year now. We are discussing the possibility of doing a Fecal Matter Transplant because it is not responding to medications. I won’t get into details because they are pretty gross but it may just save my life. Well worth it!

Thank you all for stopping by. Have a wonderful rest of your week!

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Something a Little Different


I hope y’all had an amazing week!!! I missed you guys. What did you think about about the jars I made for my Facebook page giveaway? Weren’t they great? I sure hope you loved them as much as I did, if so make sure you have liked my page so that you too are entered in for the next giveaway! If you have questions on that let me know.

I am going to show you the sign I made and talk about it a little bit, but other than that this post is mainly going to be about my health saga and the power of positivity, faith, love and happiness! So please please read on to know what I’ve gone through with my health in the past few years and how my family and I make life an amazing adventure every day!!!

Last week I made another sign and I’m working on another one today as well. I have to get enough signs done before our vintage craft bazaar. It is called Cirque SoirĂ©e Vintage Carnival on June 13. I’m very excited and I’ve been working so hard on things to fill my booth with! I’m hoping some of my locals will come out to see me there, it’s going to be such an exciting and fun experience for everyone! So back to this sign I made, (lol sorry the excitement gets me side tracked)… I of course painted the board itself chalk paint white all over 2 coats. Then I sanded, sanded and yeah I think you know this drill by now. Anyways I wanted this sign to say “Beach” with an arrow pointing. I just happened to be at Jill’s house and she has a printer (wooo doggy) so I printed out a few different things a couple that I haven’t even picked out the wood for yet so hopefully I find something that works. I cut everything out that needed cut and I taped down with painters tape and then I slid a piece of carbon paper between the paper and the wood, then traced the outline of the letters very lightly so I could see it on the wood yet the paint would cover it up. I painted my letters in a light beachy blue color and then I painted different types of arrows after the lettering in ‘cattywhompus’ placement; painted one black, one red and one darker blue. I love that word don’t you!?!?

I will be making more signs in the up-coming weeks and I need to get busy making cards, jewelry, aprons and refurbishing the furniture items and windows I have hanging out in the garage waiting to be pulled out and played with.

I know in the past I have told you that I fight with a lot of health issues and now they seem to be fighting back! I have Hashimoto’s Disease and Fibromyalgia which are both autoimmune diseases that reek a lot of havoc on my body in different ways. I also have another autoimmune disease that has similar symptoms to MS. The Hashimoto’s affects so much from extreme cold sweats, sudden changes of emotional ups and downs, and swelling in my throat that causes me to choke on food and even sometimes drinks.

The fibromyalgia causes a lot of pain all over my body, weakness, numbness and originally I thought that was all it was is pain in the nerves, but my neurologist and my rheumatologist both conclude that many of my symptoms are caused by a very extreme case of fibromyalgia. My vision gets blurry and doubled vision at times, I get very confused and have bouts of short term memory loss. Sometimes the pain in my legs gets so bad that the only way I can describe it is having those long barbed fence posts hammered into the bottom of my feet and all the way up inside my legs. Sounds a bit uncomfortable right? Right! There are times all I can do is lay there and cry and you can’t even touch them to make them feel better because everywhere they are touched it feels like they are being cut by razor blades!

I have had 9 back surgeries total, 4 of them being neurostimulator implants/explants over the last decade and a half. I also have a condition that causes scar tissue to grow inside my body at random. Due to the four implants they placed all in the same spot I have a huge amount of scar tissue that has wrapped around my spinal cord leaving me with some other very high maintenance and painful disease called neurogenic bladder) causing me to have to self catheterize each time I empty my bladder. This I will have for life, as with my autoimmune diseases.

When my husband and I met I was decently healthy, I had pain from the handful of back surgeries I had prior to meeting him and I had some other health problems as well but I was able to work, hike, archery hunt…you know enjoy life. We got married in August of 2011, 3 weeks later we archery hunted Hells Canyon, Oregon and 2 moths after that my body started shutting down; my bladder stopped functioning, I would fall over and not be able to stand or walk, suddenly get extremely confused…within a couple months I was in a wheelchair a good portion of the time. I had stopped working and was going from one doctors appointment to another. Chris was literally having to take care of me most of the time. It continued to get worse for quite some time. Then over the past 6 months or so I have been walking with a walker or crutches and a leg brace for my drop foot. I have been able to actually do things more with the family, cook more and do things that a Mom should do and that I enjoy doing!

When I started this blog I was in remission. I was still hurting and having bad days but I also have some pretty good days. Yesterday I ended up going to the walk in clinic with an infection, I’m very antibiotic resistant and when I get an infection I usually end up pretty sick. Today being one of those really, really bad ones…I have not even gone to sleep yet and here it is 7:45a.m. Then my friend Jill came over and got me to come relax in her bed and watch my favorite shows at her house so she can be with me because I’m in a lot of pain. I was laying in bed watching tv when all of the sudden I got really sick. She took really good care of me as she always does.

Okay so let’s talk about how we cope with such things… At first it was hard for us to not feel like “Why is this happening to us? What did we do to deserve this?” When my husband and I were dating, engaged and newly married we were such an incredible couple, so compatible, so in love and life seemed to be so perfect! (Don’t worry we still are, we just have to work at it a bit more now that life happened). We both had great careers and a lot of goals and dreams together on the same page with each other. We were in a great position financially to save up to build our bigger home for our bigger family and the mindset to follow through with it. After I stopped working and didn’t have an income until 3 years later when my retirement came through and my medical bills just kept piling up and up and up until the stack of bills were larger than we are.

With that being said my husband is the most understanding, loving and level headed man I have ever met. He is working extremely hard to get us out of debt and to stick to a very minimalist budget. He is really good at that and even though I used to be I have somewhere along the way lost the ability to take care of these things without messing something up lol.
God is an awesome God, He loves us, takes care of us and will meet our every need; we just need to ask, pray, trust and have faith! The more positive you think about yourself or your situation the more positive you will be when you approach it. Have a smile on your face when you are doing a task you don’t enjoy or something you don’t appreciate is happening and eventually your brain will process that action as a positive or neutral position rather than negative. I hope that makes sense. I truly care about others, their needs before mine and their feelings and that helps me be happy even when my pain is extremely overwhelming.

I try not to have self pity rather when I begin to feel pity for myself I pray for someone else; and that helps me to take focus off any negativity of my own and offer a positive outlook and prayer for someone who needs it.

I hope you enjoyed reading my post today. I’m getting ready to paint my next sign so I will do another post with some more photos as soon as it is done. Thank you so very much for your continued support of following my blog, my Facebook page and my Instagram. Until next time, good happy healthy thoughts and God Bless!

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