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Camping on the Columbia River with John


In June of 2016 I wrote a post called  on a Nickel, and I have done a ton of camping since then with my pitty Bella and we would sleep in the back of my Dodge Durango with the seats down on the self inflatable air mattress. This weekend John & I bought a second hard kayak so that we would both have one and we went camping down by the islands on the Columbia River in Woodland, Washington. It is so beautiful down there! We kayaked out to one of the islands and walked around the entire thing before kayaking back, we sat around our fire enjoying the beautiful sunset both nights we were there! It didn’t cost us anything to camp there… We brought food from home, packed up our gear and drove the 10 minutes from our house to get there. It was the best camping trip I’ve gone on in years! I love our new kayak, it is so easy to control on the water! We also ordered a new Field & Stream tent from Dick’s Sporting Goods, it is a 12 x 12 pop up canopy and the tent snaps right into it and it can be used as the tent or the pop up by itself. We’re super excited to get it because it’s eight feet tall John can stand up inside (he is 6’4″ tall) so finding a comfortable tent isn’t easy and this one is going to be a great fit for us! After we get it and take it out camping, I will write a review for you all so that you know how well we like it, the pro’s & con’s of it and whether we recommend it to you.

We also have bikes and John has been taking me for short bike rides to help strengthen my legs and practice my balance because I have been falling a lot again….(he says he wants to wrap me in bubble wrap so that I don’t get hurt, lol). He is very protective and caring and I make him nervous with how often I fall. He is an incredible boyfriend! John bough me a promise ring a month or so ago and then asked me to marry him a couple weeks later when we went to Long Beach for the day…of course I said YES!!! It won’t happen anytime soon; my divorce just got finalized but we are happily engaged; living together in Woodland Washington; with the Lewis River running through our back yard! I couldn’t be any happier! 

Thank you all for your love & support as always! Now that my life is situated I will get back to posting more regularly! Until next time, try to find the good in everything and let go of the negativity, it will generate happiness, better health and more love!


Camping On A Nickel With Will & Sandy Pepper


There are so many missed opportunities for people and their families to get outdoors and enjoy some good ol’ fashion camping! Many people I have talked to say it’s because it’s so expensive, but I’m here to share great news with you today, that it doesn’t have to be! People feel that if they don’t have the right gear, or the newest fancy gear (the phrase is keeping up with the Jones’s) that they can’t get out there and have fun with everyone else. This article is going to give you some insight and ideas of how to camp on just the cost of fuel it takes to get there and back. I know it sounds too good too be true but it really is this simple! This story is inspired by one man, Will M. & his 3 year old Pitty Sandy Pepper. He is a dear friend of mine and I will tell you a bit about him, the way he lives and how he survives.

I have adopted this man as my Grandpa (I call him Grandpa Billy & he calls me Granddaughter. He even calls my 4 year old Pitty, Bella, his Granddog). He is not even close to old enough to be my Grandpa at the age of 59 years young, and he is not related to me legally or by blood. I was introduced to him by a friend of mine who goes way back with him and she calls him Billy, so I know him as Grandpa Billy but everyone calls him Will. He reminds me so incredibly much of my Grandfather who passed away in 1999, that I’m just in awe over it. Their looks, manorizms, interests, certains ways of their lifestyles, their beliefs, even the way they roll their tobacco in the morning for the day ahead while we sit around and he shares stories. It is unbelievable how much he reminds me of my Grandpa Sunny. Anyways, just to give you a little insight into his way of life and how amazing this man is I’m going to start out by introducing you to him.Grandpa’s story will hopefully inspire and motivate some of you to challenge yourselves and see if you too can camp on the cheap!

Grandpa and Sandy Pepper, travelled to Oregon from the East Coast, walking & camping, carrying their food and gear on their backs (Sandy Pepper has her own pack and carries her own dog food and the pack is padded by her bed in between when they travel). They do a lot of hiking and camping; he makes a living by walking the sides of the highways and back roads picking up bottles and cans and special finds that he can use at camp, repurpose, or fix up to sell. (Bottles & cans are worth a nickel in Oregon, hence the title “Camping on a nickel”). He makes enough income by doing this and finding cans in dumpsters up at campsites after busy weekends & the gear people leave behind just because they don’t want to haul it home, they forgot it, or it has some small flaw in it- he will grab it and make use of the resource; that is enough he is able to get by each month and buy his food, dog food, tobacco and necessities without asking for much help. The only help he asks for is a ride into town twice a month for food and supplies, and he kicks me down some money for gas. I go up and visit him more often than that though because I worry about him and miss him too much to leave him up there alone for very long. Many people miss out on knowing how kind hearted and hard working this man is because they judge him by the way he looks or the way he lives and it is really their loss because he is such an incredible, grateful, giving, caring and loving man with so much to offer that those who judge have no idea what they’re losing out on. He is a minimalist and he’s very happy with the way he’s living right now. He is not homeless by any means he is camped out on a claim working as a watchman for the season.

Before he would do anything at camp he pulled out his small close blade saw and cut some small branches and cut notches in them…building himself a hand made bow saw with the wood pieces and a bow saw blade he found. He was then able to cut some decent firewood to get a good fire going before getting to work so that it’s building a nice bed of coals while he’s busy working on other things. After he has enough firewood to keep him going for a little bit he’s able to get working on his sleeping arrangements because that has to be done in the daylight of your first day unless you’re planning on sleeping under the stars or in your rig. As long as it’s not raining, sleeping under the stars is amazing! This is how Grandpa set up his hand built hut/tent and bed.

He started out his camp by getting ready to build a hut tent out of materials he had found on the side of the road and brought home to wash. It was a lightweight boat cover, and he cut up a downed cedar tree with his bow saw and ax. He split the cedar into small/long boards that he used as beams, joists & studs, and twine/screws to hold it all together; making a hut that is A-frame roof, and is oval in shape, measuring 8′ tall x 16′ wide x 6′ deep. The boat cover is strapped down over it and has a door cut for an opening that he rolls up and ties open, which is how he leaves it most of the time. He cut the rounded poles out of large branches for the studs and the rest of the wood is cedar boards he cut. It smells really nice.

His bed was originally made out of (2) 1 x 4’s he had found, filled the bed with moss for padding, covered it with plastic and layed his bedding down. (Over Memorial Day weekend in his really cool dumpster finds, someone threw a 3″ foam mattress pad away and it was on top of the dumpster and clean so he put that over the moss to add more padding and the plastic over that and then his blankets down). He also found 3 camping chairs and tons of already bagged up bottles and cans that people didn’t want to haul back with them. People gave him left over food they didn’t want to take home, all sorts of cool things. God is Great! We ask and we shall receive and Will is such a great example of that. He is a very gateful and humble man, who gives as much as he receives and works harder than many men half his age. He did purchase a large tarp that is double the size of his hut and he set it up with poles he cut to size and rope at an angle that the rain would all drain off the back and that you have an awning all the way around, a bit larger in the front so you can come out of the tent and enjoy the fire and the outdoors still if it’s raining. He is camped out where he is for the summer and he’s panning for minerals and just putsin’ around.

The rest of his hut is large enough for dry good storage, all of his gear, clothing, supplies, Sandy Pepper’s food in 5 gallon buckets, etc. When I come up to camp I just set up my sleeping bag on the other side of his hut. I have a self inflatable air mattress and it fits in a standard sleeping bag, so I inflate it and put it inside my bag so I don’t slide off in the middle of the night. Then I bring Bella’s bed and she sleeps over to the side of me on the edge of my bed because it makes us both feel safe & Sandy Pepper’s bed is on the edge of Grandpa’s bed. That is her spot and she has never shared it with anyone but Grandpa and now me when I took a nap there one day, but she let Bella crawl up there and nap with her. It was pretty cute!

                CAMP POTTY    
The dredded “potty” thing that people are so embarrassed to talk about and do around others. Tehehe… This is why we chose a spot off to the far side of his large camp site where he dug a deep hole, used a 5 gallon bucket over two cedar boards that he cut to stabalize the bucket,  the bottom of the bucket cut out (lined with a bag for disposal) and two cedar boards on top for a seat. (I just ordered a bucket seat toilet seat from for $2.50, it is a toilet seat with lid that snaps onto any 5 or 6 gallon bucket top). (I AM NOT A PAID ENDORSER, VENDOR, OR, ADVERTISER FOR THIS COMPANY OR THEIR PRODUCTS, I AM SHARING MY OWN PERSONAL OPINION/INFORMATION ABOUT A PRODUCT I PURCHASED). We used a coffee can to keep our toilet paper rolls in and a bucket of ash next to it with a lid so that it doesn’t get wet and you sprinkle the ash from the fire pit (as long as you know it’s not hot) into the hole if you go poop so that it doesn’t stink up camp or attract flies. That Grandpa is one smart cookie! He is a very intelligent, educated, experienced, self taught man; and the experiences he’s lived I hope we can pass down some of the lessons to generations to come so that it’s not a lost art. 


What always comes after potty talk but food talk… For the dry foods it is stored in it’s original packaging in containers/buckets/crates with lids to keep the critters out (the buckets and crates were found at grocery stores and fast food restaurants and taken home and bleached out). One 5 gallon bucket full of beans and rice he buried so that it will keep longer. He did the same thing with the cooler box. He dug a hole, covered it with moss on the inside for insulation because under ground stays a consistent cool temperature and caged in the moss with left over wire he had from building his panning classifier. Then he made a little safe lid for it out of wood so the critters or worse the bears wouldn’t try to get into it.

He set his kitchen up between two trees and he built shelves out of cut poles, cross cut poles and particle board. He also made some shelves out of boards covering some stackable crates holding stored items (seasonings, canned goods, dishes, towels, wash cloths, cleaners & soaps, etc). The kitchen is covered by two tarps that were found on one of his trips. He has two tubs for washing dishes one for wash, one for rinse. He heats up his water on the fire, cooks on the fire, gets his water from the creek and runs it through a purifier. Bring food from home, you don’t need anything fancy…cheap and easy, stuff you already have works perfect. I do baked potatoes, wrapped in foil and thrown in the fire for 30 minutes, hot dogs on sticks, meat thrown down on the grill, breakfast… I think camp food cooked on the fire is the best experience of food you can have as a child or adult!

         IT’S THAT EASY!

My family does a lot of impromto camping trips…spur of the moment, just go somewhere we want to go! We tent camp and so I always have our gear clean and ready to go so all we have to do is fill the cooler and dry box with food, load up and drive off. We have gear that the both of us have collected over the years, it’s mostly pretty nice gear, some of it is just getting worn out from good ol’ wear n’ tear. I organize it in storage bins accordingly, one for kitchen goods, one for toiletries and one that stores our very large tent. Then all of our camping gear is stored together so we know where it is when we’re ready to go.

There are many places that allow you to camp for very cheap prices or even free, things that can make it cheaper as well is seasonal passes to your favorite spot. However many camping areas on Forest Service and BLM land are free to camp on as long as it has a fire ring and is not marked fee area or no camping. You can check out their websites for the area you’re looking at going to and find out all the free camping spots before heading in that direction and what the regulations are for staying there..

· You don’t need expensive gear to get out there and have fun.

· Bring food and supplies from home, don’t go out and spend a bunch of money that isn’t necessary.

· If you don’t have certain things, improvise…no sleeping bags? Use blankets… No tent? Build a hut…

· If you don’t have a cooler, get a cheap cooler bag and weight it down in the creek to keep it cool if you are only camping for a few days.

· Drag in firewood that is already down around your camp and cut it with eith a bow saw or chain saw. (You can pick up a bow saw for pretty cheap).

· If it’s okay to have a fire, use your fire to heat your water and cook on rather than wasting propane or charcoal or whatever you have to use. Cooking on the fire is so much better!

· Be safe! Don’t forget sun block & bug spray! HAVE FUN!!!

Now that you have these tips I hope to hear about some of your fun camping adventures. I would also love to hear what tips and what things you do to make your hobbies affordable and still have a great time doing them! Will, Sandy Pepper, Bella and I challenge you to camp on the cheap between now and July 5th, 2016 and respond to this post about it by July 7th, 2016 at 5:00pm PST with the header Nickel Camp Callenge, tell me who you are, town & state you’re from and tell me where you went, how you stayed on the cheap, what tips you may have for us for the summer. At the end of the challenge I will randomly select a name from those of you who respond to my Challenge on this blog page and I will send you a private message to exchange shipping information so that I can send you a free gift, no cost to you. I cover the gift and the shipping cost straight from the store. Thank you always for your continued love and support! I really look forward to hearing back from you all on this one! Have a safe and Happy Father’s Day!

Camp photos, hut, kitchen,


2 tired dogs…Sandy Pepper is Red and Bella is white & Brindle


Camp kitchen (which has been updated since this photo was taken)


Inside of hut


Grandpa & Sandy Pepper’s Bed


Vintage Flea Market(s) & my furniture makeover


Good evening y’all! Long time no post; I know – I’m sorry; terrible blogging manners. I hope everyone misses me as much as I miss talking to you guys…Happy Memorial Day, I hope you are enjoying your holiday.  I am enjoying mine, yesterday was my Mom’s birthday and I bought tickets to the Fancy Flea Vintage Spring Fling early bird shopping and champagne brunch. So on Friday she came up from Southern Oregon with her best friend and her best friend’s daughter. We went shopping at Hobby Lobby for over 2 hours and then spent the night in the Holiday Inn Express in Albany (which was really nice just in case you need a good place to stay in the area), then we headed off for a day of shopping and fun on Saturday. There were so many great things at the Fancy Flea Vintage Market and it gave me great insight of how I should have my booth for the one I’m doing in the same place June 13th. Then when we got done with that my Mom and I invaded my best friends house for the night and stayed there. When she told her husband we were coming to stay the night he left and went to his sister’s lol. We had a great time and Mom says her birthday was great and she had a blast!!

I have been so busy lately trying to prepare enough items for my Vintage Cirque Soirée Circus themed Vintage Flea Market (this is the one being held at the Antiquary on June 13th). The event is at The Antiquary June 13th 9am – 5pm on 2nd Ave across from the Library. You don’t want to miss it either. She gets 25 amazing vendors (me included), and does a champaign brunch. It’s free to get in if you don’t want the early bird shopping and brunch. For more info on the event go to my FB business page.
Also like my page, for every 100 likes my page gets I give away a really great gift made by me!

Any of you that follow me have seen the kinds of things I make. Do you remember when I told you about the used ottoman I picked up at St Vinnie’s a while back? Well I finally pulled it out this evening, I have started painting the legs and I picked out the fabric I want to reupholster it with! I’m extremely excited and can’t wait to see the end result!!! I’m painting the legs a teal chalk paint and the fabric has teal, yellow, and coral chevrons on it! It’s going to look amazing I also got new cushions for it!!!

I have so much to do and get done before my Vintage Cirque Soirée. I’ve started to even get a little panicked over it. I do still have some of my things at the Antiquary that can go in my booth if they don’t sell before then and I’m going to be working pretty hard to get a lot of things done and I have the stuff to do it with now too. So I don’t think it will be as stressful as I was thinking it will be. Today I was able to go to Harbor Freight in Albany and buy my own band saw!!! I was like a kid in a candy store yay!!! I also bought an electric staple gun the other day and my husband gave me a drill!!! This power tool Momma is starting to gain back her confidence! It’s been a while since I’ve been aloud to use power tools so I’m pretty excited and I’m aware that to some of you it’s difficult to understand why that’s exciting but have all the things you enjoy doing ripped away so that you can’t do any of it anymore… It sucks!!! I’m very fortunate because I have the most amazing husband of all time; he does the things I need him too when I can’t physically do them, he stays back with me so that I don’t feel left out (and that’s a two way street sometimes I’m telling him to go so he doesn’t miss out), it’s just how a good marriage works just the right amount of push and pull.

Thank you so much for your continues support and following along with me on my blog, my Facebook, Instagram and on Pinterest! Your support is very much appreciated! I’m sorry for such gaps of time in my blog posts but my health is priority one! Thanks so much again! Have a wonderful Memorial Day, I would love to hear from you about what you did this weekend and any feedback of what you think of this post and what I’m doing with the ottoman.


Update: for some reason my photos didn’t attach last time…well I guess we’ll try it again.
My Momma at lunch on her birthday.

Something a Little Different


I hope y’all had an amazing week!!! I missed you guys. What did you think about about the jars I made for my Facebook page giveaway? Weren’t they great? I sure hope you loved them as much as I did, if so make sure you have liked my page so that you too are entered in for the next giveaway! If you have questions on that let me know.

I am going to show you the sign I made and talk about it a little bit, but other than that this post is mainly going to be about my health saga and the power of positivity, faith, love and happiness! So please please read on to know what I’ve gone through with my health in the past few years and how my family and I make life an amazing adventure every day!!!

Last week I made another sign and I’m working on another one today as well. I have to get enough signs done before our vintage craft bazaar. It is called Cirque Soirée Vintage Carnival on June 13. I’m very excited and I’ve been working so hard on things to fill my booth with! I’m hoping some of my locals will come out to see me there, it’s going to be such an exciting and fun experience for everyone! So back to this sign I made, (lol sorry the excitement gets me side tracked)… I of course painted the board itself chalk paint white all over 2 coats. Then I sanded, sanded and yeah I think you know this drill by now. Anyways I wanted this sign to say “Beach” with an arrow pointing. I just happened to be at Jill’s house and she has a printer (wooo doggy) so I printed out a few different things a couple that I haven’t even picked out the wood for yet so hopefully I find something that works. I cut everything out that needed cut and I taped down with painters tape and then I slid a piece of carbon paper between the paper and the wood, then traced the outline of the letters very lightly so I could see it on the wood yet the paint would cover it up. I painted my letters in a light beachy blue color and then I painted different types of arrows after the lettering in ‘cattywhompus’ placement; painted one black, one red and one darker blue. I love that word don’t you!?!?

I will be making more signs in the up-coming weeks and I need to get busy making cards, jewelry, aprons and refurbishing the furniture items and windows I have hanging out in the garage waiting to be pulled out and played with.

I know in the past I have told you that I fight with a lot of health issues and now they seem to be fighting back! I have Hashimoto’s Disease and Fibromyalgia which are both autoimmune diseases that reek a lot of havoc on my body in different ways. I also have another autoimmune disease that has similar symptoms to MS. The Hashimoto’s affects so much from extreme cold sweats, sudden changes of emotional ups and downs, and swelling in my throat that causes me to choke on food and even sometimes drinks.

The fibromyalgia causes a lot of pain all over my body, weakness, numbness and originally I thought that was all it was is pain in the nerves, but my neurologist and my rheumatologist both conclude that many of my symptoms are caused by a very extreme case of fibromyalgia. My vision gets blurry and doubled vision at times, I get very confused and have bouts of short term memory loss. Sometimes the pain in my legs gets so bad that the only way I can describe it is having those long barbed fence posts hammered into the bottom of my feet and all the way up inside my legs. Sounds a bit uncomfortable right? Right! There are times all I can do is lay there and cry and you can’t even touch them to make them feel better because everywhere they are touched it feels like they are being cut by razor blades!

I have had 9 back surgeries total, 4 of them being neurostimulator implants/explants over the last decade and a half. I also have a condition that causes scar tissue to grow inside my body at random. Due to the four implants they placed all in the same spot I have a huge amount of scar tissue that has wrapped around my spinal cord leaving me with some other very high maintenance and painful disease called neurogenic bladder) causing me to have to self catheterize each time I empty my bladder. This I will have for life, as with my autoimmune diseases.

When my husband and I met I was decently healthy, I had pain from the handful of back surgeries I had prior to meeting him and I had some other health problems as well but I was able to work, hike, archery hunt…you know enjoy life. We got married in August of 2011, 3 weeks later we archery hunted Hells Canyon, Oregon and 2 moths after that my body started shutting down; my bladder stopped functioning, I would fall over and not be able to stand or walk, suddenly get extremely confused…within a couple months I was in a wheelchair a good portion of the time. I had stopped working and was going from one doctors appointment to another. Chris was literally having to take care of me most of the time. It continued to get worse for quite some time. Then over the past 6 months or so I have been walking with a walker or crutches and a leg brace for my drop foot. I have been able to actually do things more with the family, cook more and do things that a Mom should do and that I enjoy doing!

When I started this blog I was in remission. I was still hurting and having bad days but I also have some pretty good days. Yesterday I ended up going to the walk in clinic with an infection, I’m very antibiotic resistant and when I get an infection I usually end up pretty sick. Today being one of those really, really bad ones…I have not even gone to sleep yet and here it is 7:45a.m. Then my friend Jill came over and got me to come relax in her bed and watch my favorite shows at her house so she can be with me because I’m in a lot of pain. I was laying in bed watching tv when all of the sudden I got really sick. She took really good care of me as she always does.

Okay so let’s talk about how we cope with such things… At first it was hard for us to not feel like “Why is this happening to us? What did we do to deserve this?” When my husband and I were dating, engaged and newly married we were such an incredible couple, so compatible, so in love and life seemed to be so perfect! (Don’t worry we still are, we just have to work at it a bit more now that life happened). We both had great careers and a lot of goals and dreams together on the same page with each other. We were in a great position financially to save up to build our bigger home for our bigger family and the mindset to follow through with it. After I stopped working and didn’t have an income until 3 years later when my retirement came through and my medical bills just kept piling up and up and up until the stack of bills were larger than we are.

With that being said my husband is the most understanding, loving and level headed man I have ever met. He is working extremely hard to get us out of debt and to stick to a very minimalist budget. He is really good at that and even though I used to be I have somewhere along the way lost the ability to take care of these things without messing something up lol.
God is an awesome God, He loves us, takes care of us and will meet our every need; we just need to ask, pray, trust and have faith! The more positive you think about yourself or your situation the more positive you will be when you approach it. Have a smile on your face when you are doing a task you don’t enjoy or something you don’t appreciate is happening and eventually your brain will process that action as a positive or neutral position rather than negative. I hope that makes sense. I truly care about others, their needs before mine and their feelings and that helps me be happy even when my pain is extremely overwhelming.

I try not to have self pity rather when I begin to feel pity for myself I pray for someone else; and that helps me to take focus off any negativity of my own and offer a positive outlook and prayer for someone who needs it.

I hope you enjoyed reading my post today. I’m getting ready to paint my next sign so I will do another post with some more photos as soon as it is done. Thank you so very much for your continued support of following my blog, my Facebook page and my Instagram. Until next time, good happy healthy thoughts and God Bless!

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Ink vs. Paint in Tattoos vs. Crafts


I am so excited to tell you that I am writing to y’all one handed from my phone while my left arm is being tattooed. I am finally in the tattoo shop adding the color in the tat I got just over a month ago!!! I’m loving it!!! I would get a new tattoo every month if I could afford it!

Yesterday I had a Younique Party with my dear friendliness Cyndi Lowell from Eugene. My bestie girlfriends, Jill & Sicily came and I had a couple online orders. I spent the weekend at my parents house in Southern Oregon for my boys sporting events. Life has been busy busy busy. In between the busy’s yep, you guessed it, I still find time to craft!

In the last couple weeks I have been making Mother’s Day cards, painting some more frames that I’ve had at the house for a while and painting/distressing mason jars. I have used acrylic paint for both these projects, distressed with 220 grit sand paper and sealed to keep the paint from coming off. I also hand painted a sign that says “Be thankful for your blessings & pray over your burdens. I found a board that worked well for my sign (I have a stash of scrap boards and wood for my projects, from other projects, remodels and other what nots) sanded it down, then I painted it in Folk Art Chalk Paint in Salmon Coral. I couldn’t get the stupid printer to work to be able to print my words and trace over transfer paper so I wrote out what I wanted it to say lightly in pencil and when I got it perfected looking decent, I used a paint marker in ivory white and wrote over my words (it too a couple coats of the paint marker to cover up the wording in pencil). I also found a neat little stencil that I like and used it to stencil a design on the corner of the sign. I’m pleased with the way it turned out but am hoping that I will get better the more I do… I think my words were a bit to small and so I am wondering if I should have put a fabric flower on one of the other corners.

As always thank you for your continued support and for following along with me. Great news, I’m super excited that my Facebook page hit the 100 mark for page likes today and so I did a drawing and the winner received 2 of my white painted/decorated glass jars. Remember for every 100 likes my page gets I will be doing a giveaway for a handmade gift! That’s exciting news! Who doesn’t love to win free goodies!!! Thanks for reading. God bless! Please follow along with me on Facebook at the link below,
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Mother’s Day Card & Fun Adventures


Sorry that it has been a couple weeks since I’ve blogged anything for you guys. Life has been crazy busy. As I talked about before my son and I were invited to Great Wolf Lodge over Spring Break; wow, what an adventure! Water slides, hot tub, funnel slides, resort store/restaurants/gift shop/ice cream parlor/arcade and more! The water park stays open until 9:00pm and when you go down the funnel slide and tunnel slides at night there are LED lights flashing and music playing. It was a blast! We owe a great big thank you to our good friends JD and Sicily!

I have so many fun projects I’ve been working on and in the midst of starting that I didn’t know where to begin…so we will start with the Mother’s Day card I made for Sicily’s shop, and I will write a second post for the other projects I just completed because they are much bigger than a card. This one in particular was fun, she is wanting more of a shabby chic style (which is great because I happen to LOVE shabby chic anything) and I wanted to incorporate a bit of frills in there as well.

I used Stampin Up
Hardwood stamp 2014/2015
Petal Parade 2014 Sale-a-Bration
Mother Day 2014 April Paper Pumpkin
Bird Builder Punch
Itty Bitty Punch Pack (Flower)
twine, ribbon with frilled fabric sewn on to it and pearls


Card base is light blue, with shimmer white over it then another piece of blue and whisper white card stock for the card face. I stamped the fan flower from Petal Parade in Pistachio green, on another piece of white scrap I stamped the Hardwood stamp in Tim Holtz Distressed Walnut Ink and cut the boards out to individual boards and glued them on accordingly. (I also used brads in the four corners to make it look like nails). I punched out several sets of leaves from the Bird Builder punch in Old Olive Card Stock, punched out 3 or 4 flowers from the Itty Bitty Flower and stacked them on top of each other to give it more of a dimensional look and curled the petals up a touch. For the two larger flowers I cut out circles and then cut spirals in the circles all the way from the outer edge to the center, rolled them starting from from the outer edge and used hot glue to glue them down to the center of the spiral and added a pearl to the center of each one. The white rose is a brad that came in a package I picked up at Michaels. Then I stamped the Happy Mother’s Day stamp on a punched out piece I already had in Distressed Walnut again then I also went around the outer edge of the punch in the same color ink to give it just a little added pop and used Stampin Up dimensionals to give it some more dimensions. My finishing touch was to add the twine and the frilly ribbon to the top and tada!

I will be back tomorrow to show what other awesome projects I have been indulged in over the past week! I’m so excited to share with you. I will only be getting busier as I’m making items to go in my booth at 3 different craft/vendor events over the next few months, so you might want to follow along so that you can always see when I post the next and latest-greatest of Elle.

As always thank you so much for following along with me and supporting me in my fun and crazy life with all kinds of different endeavors (some fantastic and some complete failures) but always worth giving it the go! Until next time: Happy crafting & God Bless!