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Hello everyone, hope you are enjoying some Spring weather! I have still been on and off really sick, but on the days that I feel well I am actually able to do some things. I love getting outdoors and I’ve been able to do so a handful of times in the beautiful weather we are having in Oregon.

My hubby and I are trying to come to an even kill with our finances. We are currently living in the red each month. It makes it very easy to point fingers at each other for spending rather than fixing the issue. I know we both spend unnecessary money and I am more guilty of this than he is. I have been reading different posts on Pinterest about saving money, budgeting, snowballing debt, and making money from home.

I happened to stumble across this article on Annie and Everything blog called Tips for Surviving a No Spend Month and Frugal Fridays # 13.

Annie talks about how she went over in some areas like gas and groceries but overall they had money left over at the end of the month in their budget. Right now we could start off by doing one month every quarter a no spend month or even every other month. My husband would be so happy if we stayed under budget and were able to pay more towards our debts! It would alleviate a lot of stressful burden off his shoulders so that is my first goal. I have been meal planning and trying to only go to the grocery store once a week, and only get what’s on my list. We have been eating a lot healthier this way and we are also eating at home much more often. That helps out the budget tremendously.

The second goal I am working on is quitting smoking! This is extremely important to my husband and my health. It will also put a big chunk of money back into our budget. My husband has really disliked the fact that I smoke ever since I picked it back up a year ago. I’m not sure why I even did pick it back up when I was so proud of myself the first time I quit. My end date is no later than June 1st and I am currently ahead of schedule by reducing the amount of cigarettes I smoke in a day by 3 cigarettes every 4 days. Yesterday I smoked less than I was allowed which is a good sign. My health is important to me and I know how terrible smoking is for me. I really want to do this for my health, myself, my husband and children and our budget. I have all the right motivation and I’m holding myself accountable to others.

I’m down at my parents house all week this week so that I get to watch Cayden’s baseball games. I really enjoying my time here, the weather is great, and I really miss seeing my boys! This also means that the house work will pile up for a week and I will have enough energy to catch up on a little bit at a time but not to do extra projects so that put’s me behind on everything for a week, week and a half. I don’t remember if I told you guys I started painting my living room to brighten it up. So far I have 1 wall done. I painted it in Country Chic which is a bright blue. The other walls in the livinng room are going to be painted a really light grey. Here’s pics of the wall I painted in Country Chic. I will add pics of the other walls as soon as I’m done with them.

Thanking for stopping by to show your love and support. I appreciate it. Until next time take care and enjoy life~

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  1. Finances can be a difficult struggle within any group, business, or family. One thing I try to remind myself every day is the ‘problem’ is not between us. We stand side-by-side, facing the problem. I know too well the mistakes of letting something slip between people. Stand firm with relationships. We can’t afford to live life in resentment over external problems. Thanks for listening to my epiphany of the month. 🙂


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