Bathroom painting complete


I promised y’all photos of the bathroom after my painting project was complete. I painted the shelves a bright coral and the wall with the door and the one with the cabinets a very light blue. It really brightened up and livened up the tiny little bathroom we have.

As I said before the bathroom isn’t complete yet. Chris purchased a pedestal sink from the Habitat for Humanity store in Albany and I plan on redoing the floors whether it be laying down some new flooring that I can get from the restore for really cheap or painting the nasty lenolioum floors we have in there now. I know putting in the new front door is at the top of his priority list for projects before we do anything more with the bathroom. We also need to hopefully find a new shower wall insert before we go back to working on the bathroom.

I feel like today was a pretty good day! I’m hurting really bad now but Jill came over and helped me and we got some things done. She finished cleaning the kitchen, and we folded 3 loads of laundry and washed some bedding. I picked things up and organized them and I cleaned off the table by my chair that Chris made. It is a beautiful table! (He made it for his Grandmother years ago and when she past away he inherited it back from her. It has so much meaning to him and every time I look at it I think of her! She was such an amazing woman, so full of life and love!)

I finished putting the shelves in and put the bathroom back together…as you can see in the photos, (you know the ones I forgot to attach to my last post, lol.) I’m thinking about painting the big mirror frame in there the same bright coral as the shelves. What do y’all think about that? Please I’d love your input on whether I should paint it or not.

My next upcoming projects are going to be: painting a mirror frame for my bestie Jillybean in a brighter coral color for her dining room; making a chandelier out of a crib spring board; and continuing to work on my craft room. I will post pics and tutorials as I go along.

I forgot to mention earlier that we didn’t end up going to comi-con last week for my birthday. We are saving money right now for my hubby and our son to go on an all guys Alaksan fishing trip this summer with some friends of ours who just purchased a 48′ fishing boat. They will be staying on the boat for just over a week and are so excited to go, so we decided to put it off until a later comi-con. We also slowed down on working on our costumes since we aren’t in a rush now to get them done. That is another project to add to my list… I will attach a pic of the costume I am making for myself, it is a really great costume and I’m trying to stay as close to this costume as possible. I will post pics as I go along.

Thank you all for your love & support! I look forward to hearing your feedback. Until next time…stay positive & be well. Take care y’all.






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