It’s been too long…


I’m sorry I have left you all hanging for so long, but I haven’t dropped off the grid. You will be seeing a few fun posts in the near future. I have been really sick off and on through the summer and then I spent all of November in Miami with one of my amazing friends, Carol Ann. While I was gone sadly we lost two of my husband’s family members to whom we were very close with; his Uncle who unexpectedly passed at 54 years old a month after receiving a diagnosis of leukemia, and his Grandma who has been fighting stage 4 ovarian cancer for two years. Both deaths have been extremely hard in our family, they were within two days of each other and I felt terrible that I wasn’t home to offer support to my husband and my family. They are both a great loss to us and will be missed greatly!

Upon my return I flew home with a bad case of good poisoning and was sick all the way home on my flights. Then 2 days ago I ended up in the ER with stroke like symptoms. I’ve had a mild stroke before; they of course ran labs, did a CT Scan and MRI but did not see signs of a stroke so back to the neurologist I go. The right side of my face is droopy and my right arm is tingling. While I was in Miami I had carpal tunnel and tendon release surgery on my left hand which is doing much better now. Due to my autoimmune disease I am very sensitive to a lot of things and I had a terrible allergic reaction to the steri strips they used on my incisions and I blistered up pretty bad so I’m glad it is healing well now.



I had an amazing time in Miami and I will tell you all about it in another post and share some pictures. I have to say it feels so great to be home with my family! I missed them all so much! It was however like climate shock when I got off the plane in Portland it was so cold to me, I felt like my bones were frozen!

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I hope you are all doing great and thank you again for following my blog and showing me your wonderful support!


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I am a crafter, blogger who dabbles in a little bit of everything. I stay at home and take care of the family and our home; a wife and mom of 4 boys. I do everything from wedding planning, photography, and decor to scrapbooking, card making, sewing, quilting, crocheting and refurbishing. I can make something out of nothing.

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