Just Another Post in the Night


I guess it’s a two post kind of night/morning. Maybe I just have a lot to say or maybe I’m a little anxious about what today will bring. I am scheduled for a lumbar epidural later today, and even though I’ve had close to 50 or more of them over the past 15 years it doesn’t make it any less scary… I always remember how bad they hurt and there are always risks involved when they are going into your spine with a large catheter needle. I’ve been having them in my low back, my SI joint, and my neck for years to help with pain, numbness an constant burning aches. Sometimes my legs hurt all the way through the bone and they get so weak, I walk with a walker and a cane to help me balance and accommodate for my lack of strength. My left leg is drop foot and has been for years, I even have a brace for my left leg that is build onto my shoe and goes mid way up my thigh. It’s a good time to have it done because my pain is at an extreme point right now and it gives me some recovery time before my next show.

Every other weekend I go to parents house to spend my time with my boys during their baseball season because they have games and tournaments down there and I love being a part of what they do as often as I can; however it makes it really difficult to be gone so often and this is the weekend I go down there. It’s also extremely difficult for me to sit there too long watching their sports because it increases my pain. So I am a little worried about how well I will do at their sports functions this weekend being right after my epidural and such, so I’m praying they hit the exact spot that they need to help my pain decrease. I’m staying down there at the end of this weekend because my Mom and I are taking off to California afterward.

My Grandma recently sold her home and moved into an assisted living facility about a month or so ago and her health started taking a turn for the worse right after moving in. She wasn’t in great health when she moved in, that’s what helped her make the decision to sell her home and make that move, but my Mom said she wasn’t doing bad like she is now that’s for sure. Over the last year she has been in remission from breast cancer, we were so excited to find out the very day she was clean from cancer!!! That was an amazing day with amazing news! Now she was just diagnosed with some form of Leukemia and she can’t even walk across her own room and is practically wheel chair bound, and just like that – it hit her like a freight train. Please pray for her if you would.

My Mom and I are heading down on Tuesday. We would be heading down right after my boys go back to their Dad however; my Step-Grandma on my Dad’s side also has breast cancer and my Mom is the one who takes her to her chemo treatments and then she goes in for an injection the day after her chemo each week. So Grandma Cherie has chemo on Mondays and injections on Tuesdays so we have to wait and leave after her Tuesday morning injection.

So I’m hoping my epidural goes great and is a very successful one to cut back some of my pain… It’s difficult for me to even think about my pain at a time like this when so many others have it worse than me. I will not disclose names or identities on these two people because I don’t have permission to disclose that but my husband Chris has two very close family members that both have stage 4 cancer. One is getting chemo treatments for almost two years now and the other is not getting treatment to cure the cancer they are just enjoying the time they have left here with family and friends. That’s a really hard choice to make and its been really difficult on my husband and our family. I know God has His hands in these miracles because all of these above mentioned loved ones are still with us each and every day!! PRAISE GOD FOR ALL HIS WORK IN OUR DAILY LIVES!!!

Welcome to our crazy chaotic lives… My husband and our son are getting ready to go on an all men’s family charter fishing trip for Father’s Day and when they return from that our son is going on a youth group road trip for 5 days, he’s super duper excited!!! My hubby doesn’t know this yet but if he reads this blog entry he’s soon to find out tehehehe: my friend Carol Ann got us a bottle of wine and while our son is gone she is going to drive us out to the lake in her convertible car with the top down with our bottle wine and beautiful crystal wine glasses so that we can walk around the lake front drinking a bottle of wine and just talking and holding hands… Just a little romantic date night and we have a designated driver home when ever we are finished. Carol Ann is another one of my best friends, she’s the one who invited me to Miami last year and I went down for a couple weeks and stayed with her at her mom’s house. Man we had two weeks of non stop fun! I came back with a new tattoo and boxes of stuff I had to mail home. Not to mention the heat down there really did me some good. I felt better down there… I do feel better here when the weather gets warm, the difference is we only get a couple months of heat where as Miami gets a lot more heat than we do. That was a killer girlfriend vacay and I can’t wait to take a vacation like that with my hubby! We need one!!

So after next week when i get back from Cali I have to get back to my hustle and bustle of preparation for our next Vintage Market… This time will be at a lot better place an not all jam packed into a few days of making, building, preparing; I learned that one the hard way.

I’m very grateful for your support and I’m asking a huge favor that you pray uplifting, healing, answers, safety, faith for those who may not have enough of it on there own for our family as we are going through so much turmoil of bad health right now. Thank you again for following along and showing you’re support! God Bless!




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    • Thank you so very much Karen. It’s been a very difficult time for all of us. My Mother-in-law especially because she and her Mom have such a close relationship. I couldn’t imagine how she feels. Outside of my husband my Mom is my next best friend.


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