Fancy Flea Vintage Market Cirque Soirée


Last Saturday June 13th we had a craft/vintage fair at my friend’s store The Antiquary in Lebanon, Oregon. It was a one day event that was a blast! It was my first actual craft fair event that I have had a booth in with the help of my husband Chris, my Father•in•law, and my bestie Jill. (THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR HELP!!!) My booth was made up of mostly reclaimed furniture, distressed/vintage type items, some jewelry that my Mom made, home décor and more… My husband also shared in my booth and did henna art temporary tattoos and helped me setup and run my booth (I couldn’t have done it without him). He ended up booking two more events for doing henna along with the other three events we have together. He charged a really low price to get started being his first public event outside of bbq’s with friends, hanging out with family and such, only charging $5 per small piece such as a hand.

So I think I mentioned a while back about a three paned window I found in Portland. It still had the entire frame around it and a crank handle to open the window. Chris made a coffee table surrounding the window and under the window so that it opens with the crank and a beautiful rustic handle he added to the face of the window. I sanded it all down and left the original chipping paint on the window and the original frame to keep that chippy antique look keeping the window to as much of its originality as possible; then primered the new wood; painted two coats of white paint everywhere except the window itself and the window frame; I sanded the corners, knotted areas, and some flat areas where the wood would naturally wear (including between the window and the table top that Chris built to  closer match the aged look of the window); then added a rub stain to the corners and sanded areas to make it look evenly antique and match the color of the aged, worn color of the window; and last but not least covered the entire piece with spray lacquer. It turned out so beautifully! You can open the window up using the crank & handle to place magazines, coasters, or home décor items inside the table to dress it up or down as much as you’d like.

I also had my ottoman that I gave a complete paint and upholstery makeover. We also brought some tables that I had purchased prior that had already been painted and distressed, one was done with stenciling on top. I made a really cute chalk board from a plain wood picture frame that I painted a light light blue and painted the glass with chalkboard paint, then added some really cute flowers that I made out of burlap and lace and attached a piece of chalk hanging from bakers twine.

In the back of our booth we had a lattice wall that was used to hang the rest of the picture frames that I painted and distressed and two other window frames that I found over at a little shop in Newport, a little town off the Oregon coast. I painted them a pretty coral color and hung them up with some really pretty ribbon.

I painted the outside of sets of Mason jars in all different colors and distressed them around the words and the rims and my wonderful Father •in •Law made little boxes that fit three jars per box out of some of our old fence boards. I dipped the jars in paint and let them hang dry over drip pans, then my friend Jill sanded them for me. Jill also made really cute pinwheels in different sizes out of plastic designer paper and really cute card stock with my pinwheel punch board. She sure helped me out a lot and had so much fun doing it, we had a blast working together. I really don’t know how I could have made it through that first one without her by my side because my life is in a disarray of chaos currently so I didn’t get things done when I wanted to; so we crammed all that into the last 4-5 days before the show and she had a outpatient procedure done on one of the days and I was her driver home. She also punched out and stamped a bunch of book marks and attached my business cards to them for our VIP shopper bags; and punched out and tied off about 100 price tags for me. Jill really enjoys painting rocks and she surprised me with a hand full of rocks she painted just for my event. We pushed ourselves so hard that we were in tears in pain and we both were down in bed for three days after it was all over. What would we do without our best girlie friends?!? We are already preparing for this next one so that doesn’t happen again!

Our next big show is going to be at a lavender farm during the Lavender Festival and between now and then I’m hoping to not only get more items made for our sale but to make some things to decorate our booth up a little more. I’d like curtains pulled back along the sides; some tulle for décor; a frilly table cloth for more of a shabby chic look; a hand made wooden sign with my boutique’s name on it and a sign for my Hubby’s henna art as well; banners and rosette streamers; rugs to make the booth look more inviting and homey so that shoppers will feel welcome; and more multi-level shelves/walls that I can put items on so they’re not just laid out on tables. I will attach some pictures of our booth from last weekend and some
with my completed projects.

I hope you enjoyed this lengthy but fun blog post as much as I enjoyed sharing the information and all the fun we had last weekend and great fun we’re looking forward to for the next show in July. As always thank you all so much for your support and following along with my blog. I appreciate any feedback you’re willing to provide me with. Please give me any input on my booth setup that you may have. God Bless and have a great weekend!


Window Coffee Table


Coffee Table, End Table, Jars, Wreath, Cards, Window Frames


Chalkboard, Pinwheels, Distressed Frame, Dipped Spoons


Ottoman, Drawer Shelves, Washboard


Henna by Chris


Elle’s trash2treasure Blog’s Trash 2 Treasure Facebook


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