Vintage Flea Market(s) & my furniture makeover


Good evening y’all! Long time no post; I know – I’m sorry; terrible blogging manners. I hope everyone misses me as much as I miss talking to you guys…Happy Memorial Day, I hope you are enjoying your holiday.  I am enjoying mine, yesterday was my Mom’s birthday and I bought tickets to the Fancy Flea Vintage Spring Fling early bird shopping and champagne brunch. So on Friday she came up from Southern Oregon with her best friend and her best friend’s daughter. We went shopping at Hobby Lobby for over 2 hours and then spent the night in the Holiday Inn Express in Albany (which was really nice just in case you need a good place to stay in the area), then we headed off for a day of shopping and fun on Saturday. There were so many great things at the Fancy Flea Vintage Market and it gave me great insight of how I should have my booth for the one I’m doing in the same place June 13th. Then when we got done with that my Mom and I invaded my best friends house for the night and stayed there. When she told her husband we were coming to stay the night he left and went to his sister’s lol. We had a great time and Mom says her birthday was great and she had a blast!!

I have been so busy lately trying to prepare enough items for my Vintage Cirque Soirée Circus themed Vintage Flea Market (this is the one being held at the Antiquary on June 13th). The event is at The Antiquary June 13th 9am – 5pm on 2nd Ave across from the Library. You don’t want to miss it either. She gets 25 amazing vendors (me included), and does a champaign brunch. It’s free to get in if you don’t want the early bird shopping and brunch. For more info on the event go to my FB business page.
Also like my page, for every 100 likes my page gets I give away a really great gift made by me!

Any of you that follow me have seen the kinds of things I make. Do you remember when I told you about the used ottoman I picked up at St Vinnie’s a while back? Well I finally pulled it out this evening, I have started painting the legs and I picked out the fabric I want to reupholster it with! I’m extremely excited and can’t wait to see the end result!!! I’m painting the legs a teal chalk paint and the fabric has teal, yellow, and coral chevrons on it! It’s going to look amazing I also got new cushions for it!!!

I have so much to do and get done before my Vintage Cirque Soirée. I’ve started to even get a little panicked over it. I do still have some of my things at the Antiquary that can go in my booth if they don’t sell before then and I’m going to be working pretty hard to get a lot of things done and I have the stuff to do it with now too. So I don’t think it will be as stressful as I was thinking it will be. Today I was able to go to Harbor Freight in Albany and buy my own band saw!!! I was like a kid in a candy store yay!!! I also bought an electric staple gun the other day and my husband gave me a drill!!! This power tool Momma is starting to gain back her confidence! It’s been a while since I’ve been aloud to use power tools so I’m pretty excited and I’m aware that to some of you it’s difficult to understand why that’s exciting but have all the things you enjoy doing ripped away so that you can’t do any of it anymore… It sucks!!! I’m very fortunate because I have the most amazing husband of all time; he does the things I need him too when I can’t physically do them, he stays back with me so that I don’t feel left out (and that’s a two way street sometimes I’m telling him to go so he doesn’t miss out), it’s just how a good marriage works just the right amount of push and pull.

Thank you so much for your continues support and following along with me on my blog, my Facebook, Instagram and on Pinterest! Your support is very much appreciated! I’m sorry for such gaps of time in my blog posts but my health is priority one! Thanks so much again! Have a wonderful Memorial Day, I would love to hear from you about what you did this weekend and any feedback of what you think of this post and what I’m doing with the ottoman.


Update: for some reason my photos didn’t attach last time…well I guess we’ll try it again.
My Momma at lunch on her birthday.


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