Distressed Frame & A Little Bit of Me


Hello again, I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! We got together with my husband’s family and had an amazing Easter ourselves, great company, great food, egg hunts for the kids and adults both and some fun games. He has a great big family and it is so much fun when we all get together!

Last week I started working on this piece I promised I would blog about and better late then never…so here it goes.

I picked this frame up just under a year ago at an estate sale, it was bare wood, well it might have had a stain on it years ago but there was nothing left to this poor old gal by the time I got my hands on her, she was falling apart~but if you know me, I saw potential. So I brought her home. This frame sat around my craft room getting moved around from one spot to another to clear space and make room for other projects I was bringing home as well up until last week I finally decided to pull out the chalk paints and the wax for a play date.

I first had to glue it back together in spots with some wood glue and sand it down in some places, but I didn’t want to fix it up too much because that was part of its beauty. Then I put three coats of a light blue acrylic paint on it, letting it dry between each coat. Then I painted Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in white over the top of it (I had to give it 3 coats of that as well) some areas I left lighter on the coats of white. If you can tell in the photo on each corner and all four sides there is a design that stands up off the frame and around the center there are these dots that stand up so it gives it quite a bit of dimension; I wanted to see the white, blue and natural wood in these areas. After all of my painting was done (for now anyway), I sanded, and sanded some more and then sanded again…bringing out the different colors now on the piece. I dusted off all of the sanded particles with a paint brush I use just for that purpose.

Next came my favorite step, the Folk Art wax in brown over the top of the white. For this step I used an old rag and dampened it just a bit then I dipped the cloth into the wax and rubbed it on the frame in the direction of the wood grain and on areas that I wanted it lighter I used a section of the damp rag that didn’t have wax on it and went over that area again very lightly to take off some of the excess. It didn’t take long for the wax to dry but I still gave it an over night wait before adding my sealant. To seal it I just used a clear, matte finish sealant spray and sprayed over the entire front of the frame.

I love playing with the different waxes to see how they turn out. This project was a lot of fun for me. I was pretty excited with the end result. I took it to my friends shop the next day and she loved it so much she said she might buy it for herself rather than selling it at her shop. That kind of reward was worth letting it sit and wait for the right moment! I love what I do and I couldn’t imagine not doing it.




When I became disabled 3.5 years ago and had to stop working I was ANGRY! I enjoyed working and I had put myself through law school while working and a mom of two young boys. I had a good job and I was newly married to the love of my life. So in August 2011 we are hiking and archery hunting in Hells Canyon and by November that same year I’m sitting in a wheel chair unable to do things for myself. My health continued to go down hill from there for a couple years. I am doing better now and I’m out of my chair I usually walk with my walker or a cane for short distance, but my balance and strength are definitely not what they should be at 34 years old. I’ve had 9 back surgeries and I have a couple of autoimmune diseases. There are good days and bad days, good weeks and bad weeks and times I still can’t get out of bed. Needless to say when I am out of bed I love having my hands busy in my craft room or enjoying the outdoors because those are the things that help me keep my mind focused on the healthy and blessed aspects in my life.

I am truly blessed and I’m grateful to God for all my blessings every day. I’m actually working on a sign right now that says “Be thankful for your blessings & pray over your burdens” you all will get to see it when it’s done (the paint of the wording is currently drying). Anyways I’m so amazed by how much this has humbled me and how much more I can see God working in my life, now more than ever. Maybe I needed this for that very reason, or for me to help others see what God is doing in their lives. I do try to help others the best I can & I enjoy doing so very much.

I’m so very blessed with an amazing husband who has stood right by my side going to appointment after appointment and surgery after surgery, while I dug us a deep rut of medical debt. He works hard to take care of me and our family and he does an amazing job! (I love you Chris!) He supports me in all my endeavors of my crafting, blogging, wanting to help others, wanting to get outdoors when I can’t do things on my own…last summer I was still in my chair for a good portion of the time and each night when he would get home we would go for a walk and he would push me up and down the steep hills of our neighborhood in my wheel chair for a 3 to 5 mile walk almost daily just to get me outside.

I hope you enjoyed reading my post today and getting to know a little more about me. Thank you for your continued support I always appreciate your likes and feedback. Please let me know if you have any questions. Also if you could please go on and like my Facebook page, when we get to 100 likes I will be doing a giveaway for something made by yours truly. You won’t want to miss it, so please like, share and invite others to like my page as well. Thank you for visiting. Happy crafting, until next time. God bless.
Elle’s Trash 2 Treasure




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